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TAPD/TDA Meeting 2018

We had a great event during the TAPD meeting this year in San Antonio. Dr. Blume and Dr. Zimmerman met with US Representative and Dentist Dr. Brian Babin. We also spent time with our advocates such as Mr. Charlie Schnabel at the TAPD President’s Dinner.

Dr. Blume and Dr. Zimmerman at the TAPD/TDA 2018

From left to right: Dr. Carlen Blume, Dr. Brian Babin (US Representative and Dentist in Congress), Dr. Jason Zimmerman
San Antonio, TX TAPD/TDA Meeting, May 2018

Dr. Blume and Dr. Loverich with Mr. Schnabel

Dr. Carlen Blume, Mr. Charlie Schnabel and Dr. Angela Loverich at the TAPD President’s Dinner
San Antonio, TAPD/TDA, May 2018