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TAPD Statement on Emergency Rule 22 TAC §108.7 (16)

Today, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) passed Emergency Rule  22 TAC §108.7 (16), which governs the reopening of dental practices in Texas. While this rule must go back to the governor for final approval, no changes are expected. We will post the official guidance to our social media and website when it posted in the Texas Register. 

Dentists should use 22 TAC §108.7 (16)  as official guidance for your practices during COVID-19. TSBDE advises you should not reopen your practice until you have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE).  

For additional guidance and recommendations, please utilize AAPD’s re-emergence checklist.  

TAPD thanks each of you for your feedback regarding reopening practices. Your recommendations were part of our correspondence with the TSBDE and the Governor’s Office. While you may begin practicing tomorrow, we hope you will do so in safe and prudent manner.