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TAPD Spring 2023 CE Course

Friday, April 28, 2023
9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Central Time)
Lunch 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM with intermittent breaks

Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080



The Ritz Carlton Leadership Center
9:00 am – 12:00 am (Central Time)

Creating Brand Advocates/Fundamentals of Service, Part 1 of 3

Stressed by changes spanning each of our businesses, adjusting to remote work environments, daunted by newly digitized job tasks, the engagement level of your employees can plummet— and take morale, productivity, and customer loyalty down with it. Rebuild team confidence and restore focus by re-energizing the time-tested fundamentals of customer service. Both inspiring and tactical, this session empowers your professionals to engage with empathy, handle crucial conversations with anxious customers, and lean into consistency – whether your employees are performing in-person or through a digital environment. This highly engaging virtual program will get every individual looking for solutions and functioning as a brand ambassador.
Distinctive Topics 
  • The Art of Adapting: A discussion on how all employees, not just the ones with big titles, are empowered to adapt and create memorable guest experience. 
  • Creating Customer Loyalty: The four key principles The Ritz-Carlton uses to help ensure our customers return. 
  • The Empowered Professional: An overview of how The Ritz-Carlton Ladies & Gentlemen look, speak, and behave to ensure they are maintaining our company brand voice. Insights on how you can be a positive ambassador for your company. 
  • Engaging with Empathy: Strategic and tactical advice on how to think and handle various customer interactions.
  • First Person Service Recovery: Learn the difference between an engaged customer and one that is merely satisfied. Content also includes problem resolution and why consistency is imperative.

Felix Lin
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Central Time)


Konfident Fit Talk 1:00 – 2:20, Part 1

What if you had the data points to hire the people that will be rockstars for you and the organization? What if the same data points can empower your teams to achieve elite level results?

We will teach you the Konfident Fit Methodology, a powerful set of tools to create elite teamwork that drives outstanding results.

The Breakthrough Experience 2:30 – 4:00, Part 2

Every next level in your life has been achieved from having breakthroughs in your thinking.

We will show you how to consistently create those breakthrough moments for you in your life in the most unique and interactive way. Find joy in breaking through problems as we literally break boards!

Felix Lin – Konfident Fit Methodology, CEO Konfidently, Inc.

With over 20 years of business operations, leadership psychology training, coaching executives and leadership teams, Felix has developed the Konfident Fit Methodology to create elite teamwork and results in organizations. The Konfident Fit Methodology has helped create record revenues, increased retention, hiring effectiveness, job satisfaction and passion in teams across the board.

The Konfidently team builds and facilitates culture based workshops, keynotes and trainings for organizations such as Google, Draper University, 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Idealab, Tony Robbins, Goldman Sachs, youth leadership programs, global conferences, sales teams and even the empowerment of gang leaders.