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TAPD Officer Spotlight—Roberto Loar

Name: Roberto Loar, DDS FAGD

Position: Past President

Number of years in practice: 16

Where you went to dental school and completed residency: Dental School – University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Class of 2007: Residency – University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio – Laredo Extension Class of 2015

Number of years as a TAPD member: 8

What made you decide to get involved as a TAPD officer: I follow a really strong group of previous officers that inspired me to step up and do my part for the organization.

What is your goal for the year: I would love to raise our membership by reaching out to some
of the regions of Texas less represented by TAPD.

What have you learned in your time as a TAPD member: I have learned that one individual
can actually make a difference. I have seen an idea by one person turn into a grassroots effort to
create change.

What surprised you the most about the legislative process: I have been most surprised by the
power and influence our organization holds, and our ability to use that power to help serve the
children of our state.

What are you most proud of about TAPD: I am most proud of our teamwork. Each individual
has different strengths, and they all come together to make what our organization is today.