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TAPD Officer Spotlight—Angela Lopez-Loverich

Name: Angela Lopez-Loverich

Position: Vice President

Number of years in practice: Nine: two practicing general dentistry and seven as a board certified pediatric dentist.

Where you went to dental school and completed residency: The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio-Doctorate of Dental Surgery and The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio-Certificate of Specialty in Pediatric Dentistry.

Number of years as a TAPD member: Nine

What made you decide to get involved as a TAPD officer: I decided to pursue an officer position because I wanted to have a voice and positively impact the future of pediatric dentistry. When I first completed my residency program and was a new member, I learned how much legislation shapes our profession.

What is your goal for the year: My goal for this year is to learn as much as I can from our president, Dr. Ben Morgan to prepare myself for the future. I will also be working on bringing back in person CE at its highest quality.

What have you learned in your time as a TAPD member: I have learned how important organized dentistry is for the welfare of our profession—without it, our profession would be in the hands of others who do not fully understand patient care.

What surprised you the most about the legislative process: While the amount of organization and persistence needed to bring about real change for our profession is daunting, we are fortunate to have such a dedicated group representing Texas pediatric dentists.

What are you most proud of about TAPD: We continue to grow our numbers and strengthen TAPD, which indicates that our members see a value in what we do for them. We are on the frontline of decision making in our state and help control the direction of pediatric dentistry. We gain so much knowledge from one another as active pediatric dentists working in different climates. Our leadership and board members donate their time to better our future as pediatric dentists. We have also started to create CE of great value to our members while still having fun.