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Governor Abbott with Dr. Bob Morgan with the TAPD

TAPD Evening with Governor Abbott

Dr. Bob Morgan, host of the TAPD evening with Governor Abbott, collaborating to assure quality dental care for the children in Texas.

Dr. Suzi Seale Celebration of Life in Dallas

Honoring Dr. Suzi Seale

Former students, current residents, faculty and friends went to Dallas in June 2018 to honor the life of Dr. Suzi Seale. Dr. Suzi Seale has made an enduring difference in…

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Dr. Blume and Dr. Loverich with Mr. Schnabel

TAPD/TDA Meeting 2018

We had a great event during the TAPD meeting this year in San Antonio. Dr. Blume and Dr. Zimmerman met with US Representative and Dentist Dr. Brian Babin. We also…

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