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Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Brett Hensley Mueller, DDS, MA

Dr. Brett Mueller is a Past TAPD President who served in 1990-1991.

Please join us in congratulating him for the 2019/2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.

I am presently retired after over 50 years of military, UTXHSCSA professor, and private practice.  I graduated from Northwestern Dental School in 1969 and finished my residency at UMKC Children’s Mercy Hospital in 1974.  I joined TAPD around 1978 after 9 1/2 years in the military.

The most important reason individuals should be a member of TAPD is the fact there is strength in numbers and obtaining important information that should be acted on as a group rather than an individual.  When I joined and attended our annual session we were lucky to have 15 members state wide present at TDA.

I am very proud of the fact that the individuals I served with during my 4 years of leadership in TAPD had as our primary goal to make TAPD the statewide voice for Pediatric Dentists in Texas. The individuals I am talking about were Dr. Stephen White, Dr. James Shoptaw and Dr. William Kemp.

My wife Cynthia A. Banker, also a pediatric dentist, supported me to accomplish this by keeping our home with 4 young children in harmony. 

Our goal also included bringing the 3 state university programs into the mix. Our mission was accomplished in 1991 when we as a state organization hosted the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio.  Dr. Robert Offutt and I were Co-Chairmen and with TAPD and Dr. Sue Seale helping us, it was a home run. 

This put TAPD on the map with the American Academy we became the strong voice of Pediatric Dentistry in Texas.  I hope the young pediatric dentists in Texas keep TAPD strong with their support and continued membership.  It’s so very important to be strong in numbers and mutual support. 

Thank you very much for this award there so many people that deserve this more than I.