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Alamo Kids Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Seeking Associate

Do you want to LOVE going to work each day because you work in a super FUN, private practice office with an awesome, energetic, compassionate team and get to make a huge difference in the lives of your patients and their families including with super-cool tools like lasers!!?

We have been growing quickly due to our awesomeness–haha–and being located in one of the fastest growing communities in the country for over a decade and surrounded by great schools that we give back to and support! San Antonio is one of most family friendly cities in the country and known as “Military City” due to the large population of service men and women who pass through and very frequently retire here! They are amazing people and raise awesome kids!

As a fun, private practice pediatric dental group, we are looking for a long-term, committed, compassionate, energetic and adventurous associate who can bring their OWN TALENTS and PERSONALITY to our office. We have a FAMILY FIRST mentality and believe work-life balance is key in creating a very rewarding professional environment.


Compensation and Benefits include:

Phone: 210-951-0046
Location: San Antonio, Texas